Bulk milk cooler milk measurement and monitoring systems

Bulk milk cooler milk measurement and monitoring systems

This system is used to measure temperature and quantity at BMS (bulk milk cooler) System capture Temperature, Quantity. Agitator ON status and Compressor ON status, Generator ON status at certain time interval. This all data drives to central server through GSM. (Optional)

  • Temperature data can be loggeg & monitored
  • Wei ghing data can be logged & monitored
  • Power supply through generator or electricuty line can be monitored
  • Operation of compressor can be monitored & efficiency can be analyzed
  • Above mention all the data can be monitored,logged,controlled.
  • All data treansferred directly to the central server through GSM.(optionly)



Configurable The device is configurable through software.
Security Role based user login and access to different menus.
External Interface / Connectivity Rs131 interface of weigh scale
Rs231 interface of temperature module
Generator input to get this status
Agitator input to get this status
Compressor input to get this status
Masters Device allows following masters be configured through USB pen drive,master,systemmaster,Hardware master
Data  Capture
  • Following data capture from device time interval set in system master.
  • Date and time,milk quantity,Milk temperature,Generator On Status,compressor On status,Agitator On Status.
  • During maintenance mode all sensor are not work and so data caputure is hold during this period.
Data Transfer All master import into device using pen drive or through GSM (optional)  Data (Data,time,quantity,temperature,compressor On status,Agitator on status,Generator on status)transfer to server using pen drive or GSM module.
Shift Close And Dispatch
  • After completion of milk collection of particular shift operator can close shift.At that time operator have to purchase quantity,Average FAT and SNF.
  • During dispatch of milk,device generate one slip from thermal printer which contains shift closing details as well as dispatch details.(Like purchase qty,Actual qty,Compressor on duration,Agitator on duration,Generator on duration,Temperature)


Technical Data

Processor Microcontroller
Disply LCD-20 Characters X 4 lines with back light
Power Supply 180-260 Volts,50HZ
Power Consumption 33 Watts with Thermal printer
File System for USB pen drive FAT32
External Interface /connectivity 
  • 2UART provided allows connecting two different types of RS232 enabled devices.
  • One USB port allows connecting USB mass storage device to device (Example:-to connect USB pen drive )
  • Inbuilt 4x4 matrix keyboard
  • Thermal printer interface allows connecting thermal printer built in optionally.
  • GSM module for data transfer using GPRS( optional).
Clock Built-in Real time clock
Environment Operative temperature.
0 to 50 Degree Clesisus(32 to 122F)
Relative humidity.5% to 85% RH non condensing village dusty
atmosphere,housing made up of “S S 202”
Quantity Measurement Instrument Transducer Sensor Based weighing measurement.
2 tone-500gm
5 tone-1kg.
10 tone-2kg.
20 tone-5kg.
Dimension(L X B X H) 285 x 285 x210(mm)


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