Hand Operated milking machine

Hand Operated milking machine

The hand operated milking machines manufactured by Aviva Equipments is a low cost "patented milking machine" suitable for farmers having less than 10 milking animals.These milking machines operate on a patented technique developed by Mr. Raghava Gowda, the recipient of president's award for grass root innovation in the year 2005 Ksheera Enterprises are the only manufacture of milking machines authorized for using Raghava Gowda's patented technique.

Specification of Hand Operated Milking Machine

  • Milking can Capacity: 20 litters
  • Dry Weight of Machine: 18 kg
  • Time for Milking: 4 to 7 min/cow
  • Vacuum Level: 350mm Hg max
  • Pulsing: Alternating two teats/stroke
  • Number of Pulses/Min: Equal to number of strokes/min
  • Cleaning Method: Pumping Boiling water and cleaning agents.
  • Adaptability: One animal at a time.

Scope of Supply for Hand Operated Milking Machine

Complete milking machine suitable for milking one animal at a time has

  • Basic milking machine, mounted on stainless steel frame. Basic machine includes two reciprocating vacuum pump linked to a handle for manual to and fro operation.
  • Control block with vacuum gauge.
  • One 20 litter Milking can of food grade 202 stainless steel.
  • Cluster assembly with four teat adapters with silicon rubber teat liners.
  • Transparent food grade milk pipe and standard vacuum pipe.
  • 100 gram vacuum grease and two 0 rings will be provided as spare.
  • A demonstration CD is provided along with Machine.


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