Auto Sampling Systems

Auto Sampling Systems

Auto Sampling System Process of work


Automatic Sampling System(Raw Milk Receiving Dock) at Chilling Center of Union. The system shall have chain conveyor system to carry the plastic sample bottle (150ml capacity) from lab to the weigh bowl, auto sampling of milk in the sample bottle and  to carry the bottles with milk back to the laboratory. The approximate distance will be around 20 ft. The system to be automated.


The milk from societies will be collected in a bowl . After weighment, the milk needs to be drained by automatic opening of the lid and after the milk is emptied, the lid to be closed automatically. The weight details to be displayed in a Jumbo Display.


  1. DOCK OPERATION CONTROL SYSTEM to perform, control and co-ordinate the following functions:
  • Automatic premixing and drawing of sample; qty-120 ml. speed- 200 samples /hr.
  • Automatic discharge of sample in to sample bottle.
  • Automatic conveying of sample to laboratory; the SS 304 material chains to be used
  • Automatic draining of weighed milk in to dump tank & Automatic closure of drain valve.
  • On-line Jumbo Display showing status of collection operations on Reception dock.


    •  to capture the weight reading from weigh Balance
    •  to capture the fat/snf readings from test equipments
    •  to generate milk route sheet
    •  to export data for billing purpose
    •  to generate related reports

·         Installation of the full system to be carried out at our chilling center and full running trials for 07 days.

·         Training: We Will give 15 days training to Your staff members to operate & maintain this system. Training must be given on site and also at least 2 persons to be fully trained at factory for maintenance/ repairs.

    • Automatic Sampling System (ASS):
    • A pneumatically operated system, to automatically draw a sample of 120 ml of Milk from weighbowl upon receipt of signal from Computer Side Indicator.
    • Sampling speed – upto 200 samples per hour.
  • Auto Bottle Feeder (ABF):
  • A pneumatically operated system to automatically position and hold bottle under the sampling system, till the sample is drawn and filled in bottle. Thereafter, to release the bottle for onward transport of sample to laboratory.
  • Sample Bottle Conveyor: to convey filled sample bottles to the laboratory and empty sample bottles from lab: to sampling system.  Conveyor is built on SS structure. A ½” hollow pin chain with suitable plates to be used to convey the bottles.
  • Auto DrainSystem (ADS):
  • A pneumatically operated system, which automatically drains the  weighbowl (by opening the drain valve) after the weighment is recorded and the sample is drawn. Provision for manual operation is also to be made.
  • Dock Side Indicator (DSI):
  • An indicator Panel mounted next to the Milk Weigher, which indicates the status of pouring cycle on the dock.
  • Dock Side Panel (DSP):
  • A switch Panel mounted next to the Milk Weigher, which enables the pourer to indicate to Computer Operator when the pouring cycle is complete and weight of milk in weighbowl is to be recorded.
  • Computer Side Indicator (CSI):
  • A panel placed next to computer operator in the weighment cabin, which gives audio visual signal to computer operator to log the weight  and initiate the automatic sampling and further cycles of operation.
  • Central Control Unit (CCU):
  • A microprocessor based centralized controller to control the sequence of all above operations. All sequences are to be interlocked to ensure  completion of each activity before commencement of next activity.  Function Indicator to be provided on front panel to indicate execution of functions in progress.



This is a remote mounted on-line dynamic display mounted at the entrance to RMRD Dock, which shows the status of on-going  Milk collection. The display is driven through an interface unit connected to the milk reception computer. It shall displays the following information:

(a) Sample No: (3 Digit)

(b) Society Code (4 Digit)

(c) Route Code (3 Digit)

(d) No of Cans received (2 Digit)

(e) Current Weighment (4 Digit)

(f) Total Milk Collected – ( 6 Digits)

(g) Sample No: (3 digit)

(h) Fat: (2 digit)

(i) SNF: (3 digit)


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