Raw Milk Receiving Dock

Raw Milk Receiving Dock


A computer based On—line Milk Reception System with automatic sampling, automatic draining, automatic conveying of samples to laboratory, testing of samples on automated instruments, automatic recording of tested date, sampling and testing to be used by large dairies and chilling centers where there is voluminous can reception and test data to provide instant milk receipts, shift reports, society wise bills etc. as per user requirements using our specially designed customized software. The system can also send SMS to VLCC or Society.

SAMUDRA’S Auto Sampler

Automatic premixing & drawing of sample. Auto discharge of sample in to sample bottle. Automatic conveying of sample to laboratory. Automatic drainage of weighed milk in to dump tank. Automatic closure of drain valve. Adjustable sample volume. Single key operation. Fully managed by Central Control Unit


Society slip, Truck Slip, Total/ Route wise Milk Summary Report, Data Check List, Abnormal data checklist, Sampadan summary, Category wise summary Report, Master data Route Master, Society master, Route MIS, Late Route’s Report, Sour/Curd Report , Cumulative Milk Summary with graph, Daily Route wise Summary, Kg. FAT Summary, Society wise Milk report Rate/ Grade wise Milk Reception, Average Procurement, Top highest Procurement Societies, Monthly Quantity Sour Curd Summary Report, Avg. Can Weight   Deviation, Society Ledger Report, Login log file, Change Report…etc.

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